IT'S A ...

Okay Okay... so I guess if I have to wait, then so does everyone else! :) Any guesses from the picture? We had our 20 week doctor's appointment this morning and had the anatomy sonogram. The ultrasound technician could tell if we are having a boy or girl!! However, we have decided to wait until tonight at dinner to open the envelope and find out as a family... so not much longer!! Above is the first picture of our little family of 4.
I am SO blessed!
We'll keep you posted!



It is FINALLY time to announce our biggest news! Baby Botts #2 will make his/her appearance somewhere around March 15th! I am 17 weeks pregnant today and time is just flying by! I have been more sick this time around and it has taken some time for the "surprise" to actually set in, but with out further ado... here are the first pictures of our little bundle of joy from the 8 week ultrasound!
Caroline isn't quite aware of all of the changes that are about to happen, but we just know she is going to be a GREAT big sister!!