Time for a Haircut!

Just short of 4 months old and this little boy already needs a haircut!!  Cooper's hair was getting pretty long and covered almost all of his ears!  We decided to give him his first haircut on July 9th.  We really just trimmed up along his ears and the back, but it made such a difference!  It actually made me pretty sad because he looks so much older now with it all cleaned up. 

So there might be a slight difference from how one side looks from the other.  Josh and I each had a turn and I'm not going to say which is better, but one got a little more hair cut off.  Oops!  Sorry Coop!  Good thing your hair grows quickly!!  :)  Your dad did say "Stop, don't cut..." but it just needed a little bit more off!

SO much hair!
The finished product!  Does his hairstyle look familiar?  2 peas in a pod!!

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