a whole new view!

Since Caroline has started school, Cooper and I have had a little more one on one time.  So far both of us have been sick, but the other day we were out of baby food and we just had to head to the store.  I put Cooper's carseat in the front part of the cart and I realized that this is one of the first times I have done this!!  Before I have always had both kids and because Caroline isn't big enough to walk yet, she usually sits in the cart and I have either carried Cooper in the bjiorn or put him in his carseat in the basket part of the buggy.  It was so sweet to have Cooper up near me and able to talk to him as I shopped.  Caroline and I used to do this almost every day together and it was a sweet time where I had to keep her occupied and happy and got to teach her about every day things.  Although it is sad to have Caroline away, it is going to be such a sweet time that Cooper and I can share together.  I'm looking forward to getting back to running my errands during the week and actually crossing some things off of my to do list.  So far it hasn't been quite as easy as it sounds working around Cooper's naps, but I am determined to make us better at this!  My sweet boy is going to like shopping whether he wants to or not!  :)

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