Okay, so technically speaking we are now 7 months and 15 days!  But really, who's counting??  These days we are having so much fun with our little man and are constantly amazed by how quickly he is growing and how much our lives have changed!  He is quite the little love bug!  He LOVES to laugh and squeal and when tickled, you can really get him going!! He has the biggest smile and loves to flirt with anyone passing by. Cooper is still proving to be my pretty content little guy, except he now knows exactly what he wants.  And if you do not give it to him, he will throw a pretty big temper tantrum!  How quicky they learn!  Right now he is loving remotes, mum mums and, as always, his Big Sister Caroline!!  He demands 3 meals a day of baby food and is still nursing quite a bit  He takes 2-3 naps per day and sleeps through most nights with out waking up!  Although he is doing really well sleeping, it is still nothing like Caroline.  His naps are quite a bit shorter and he cries every time we take him to his room.  He just knows that we are about to put him down.  Cooper got his first official haircut {not by mom or dad} the weekend he turned 6 months.  It made such a difference and he looks like a little man!  I can not believe it!  He is sitting SO well and this has made things so much easier around the house and has given him a whole new point of view!

People are always making remarks about how big our little guy is!  And yes he is!  Just ask me after he has been crying and I have had to carry him around the entire mall while also pushing the stroller.  Or when he doesn't feel like sitting in the shopping cart and requires that I carry him while also grabbing groceries.  Well, we are guessing Cooper is now somewhere around 20 pounds and still so cute!  I pulled out Josh's baby book the other day and was pretty surprised to find that his weight at each major milestone was pretty similar to Cooper's.  This boy is built just like his daddy!! 

Although I have not had as much time to write about it, we have been having SO much fun lately!  Cooper's personality has woken up and we have been so busy!  The month of October has been full of fall and Halloween fun and we can't believe time is flying by so quickly!  However we are so excited for the upcoming holidays and everything that is entailed!

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