Well here we are... 9 months and growing SO quickly!  We have been busy this month with a lot of Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.  It has gone by fast and here we are just days away from Cooper's first Christmas!  We had Cooper's 9 month check up last week and found out that we have one healthy little boy on our hands!  He had to have his finger pricked to check his iron and he barely flinched!  I was so surprised.  The shots hurt him just a little bit more, but the crying did not last long at all.

weight: 21.10 pounds (66th percentile)
height: 29.75 inches (72nd percentile)
head circumference: 48 centimeters  (97th percentile)

Cooper has now gotten to the point where I can put him down and he'll play with something for a little while at a time.  He still likes to be held quite a bit, but will play with the jungle/ball toy for quite a while trying to just "figure it all out".  Every night at bath time his mission is the same: Get Harvey the Hippo.  He will try the entire time to grab him and its always the same toy.  Can we say FOCUSED??  I think we all know who he gets this trait from!  

Just recently Cooper has started rolling quite a bit.  He is right on the verge of MOVING!  He rolled over and over continuously about 5 times yesterday just to move to grab some toys.  This is a first!  He hasn't done it a lot, but he is fully capable of moving.  He is also realizing that he wants to get closer to his toys or get somewhere else in the room.  He'll start scooting forward on his hands while still sitting.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for two mobile ones yet... but it is exciting that he is trying! 

We have mastered eating just about all foods and I am not worried about really giving him anything.  Caroline has started to take an interest in feeding him and will scoot a chair up to his highchair and "help".  She'll say "I think Cooper needs his puffs."  Then she will pour them on his tray and I'll catch her eating them faster than he can even grab.  She sure has her motives, but always takes pride in being a great Big Sister!

 We can't wait to head to Colorado and enjoy Christmas with a little snow!  So far the roads between here and there are quite snowy and we are hoping for a safe drive.  Please pray for safe travels!!

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