Such a big boy and so many changes going on! Cooper is now 10 months old!! It makes me sad to think that an entire year has almost gone by! Everything has happened so quickly and gone by in the blink of an eye. I am just ready for time to slow down! Will that ever happen? :) Days have gotten so much fun with our little Coop and his personality is just blossoming. He has such a sweet disposition and seems to always be smiling. He's pretty content with whatever we are doing as long as he is not hungry and you're not putting him down for a nap. He is still nursing and eating quite a bit, however he prefers meat over ANYTHING else and will eat baby food vegetables, but doesn't exactly like them in regular form. He is ALL boy and his favorite toy is a ball. He will sit and play catch for quite a while and is already showing a preference for his right hand. One of his favorite Christmas presents was a little basketball hoop with two balls. I can sit him in front of it and he will "shoot" the balls through the hoop over and over. Daddy is so proud!

Cooper hasn't quite figured out how to crawl, but he is getting close! I can't quite decide if I would rather him start or stay how he is. Of course I want him to do it and not be so frustrated, but selfishly it is kind of nice that he isn't all over the place. He will flip himself on his stomach and has rocked backwards several times. He has started becoming interested in toys that are out of his reach and can pretty much do what he needs to in order to get it. He will stretch, roll and reach to get to whatever he can! He still loves to grab Caroline's hair the most and will jump on her any chance he gets!! Caroline hasn't grasped the concept that he is still just a baby and this is what baby's do. The big sister in her has to yell and tell him "no"! Sometimes she gets upset, but most of the time she will give him a giant hug and say "Cooper is my best friend in the whole wide world!". It really is so sweet and they both get excited to see each other every morning.

Cooper is weighing in at somewhere around 22 pounds and wearing 12 month clothes. He still is in size 4 diapers and has those sweet chubby cheeks! He has taken more of an interest in tv and lights up when the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song comes on.

We could not imagine life with out our Super Cooper and are looking forward to all that is to come! We love you Coop!

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