C is for COOPER

We celebrated Cooper's birthday on March 10th with a small party. We used the theme "C is for Cooper" and centered the party around milk and cookies! Grami, Aunt Mimi, Emma and Ellie all came to celebrate and were a huge help with the party, making sure everything was so special! Unfortunately Cooper got sick and just did not feel well. He was a good sport, but ended up sleeping through about half of the party. I think everyone else had a good time enjoying some cookies and sweet treats! We are truly honored to be this little boy's parents and just can not believe that an entire year has passed!!

{Caroline decided way before the party that instead of cookie monster, she wanted to dress up like Elmo. I made her her own special Elmo hat to wear instead. Hence the reason why this is the only trace of Elmo at the party. Oh Caroline!}

Of course the day of the party, it was rainy and cold! We had a lot of outdoor activities planned, but nothing for inside. Being the great dad that he is, Josh ran out right before and picked up some games. He got a hot potato game that was pretty funny watching the kids play.
You can't expect much from kids 3 and under, but it was good for a laugh! While Emma ran away because she isn't supposed to touch "hot" things, Tristan pretty much dominated the game.
Cooper didn't quite dig in his cake like I had expected, but he tried to pose for some pictures. He made it long enough for us to sing happy birthday and then made his way to bed.

Believe it or not, Cooper woke up, after everyone had left, HAPPY! I'm not sure what was wrong with him, but he was ready to go after his nap. I was so relieved to see this smiling face! He was really excited and loved opening his presents! He was really into it and had quite a bit of help from his sister and cousins. Thank you to everyone who was able to celebrate this little guy with us and shower him with gifts.

One proud 1 year old birthday boy!!
We love you Coop!

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