My {not so little} 2 month old!!  I can not believe that Cooper is now 2 months old!  The time has just flown by and it seems like there is not time for many things.  I have so many good intentions for this blog and just can not seem to update it how I would like.  Sorry Cooper!! 

Cooper turned 2 months old on May 15th.  We had his wellness visit and everything is just perfect!  I ended up taking Caroline with me and wasn't quite sure how the appointment would go with the two of them.  Josh surprised us by showing up and helped out quite a bit!  Cooper got his first round of shots and handled them like a champ.  He cried right afterwards but then seemed to be okay.  He slept for a little while and later that evening it really started affecting him.  We could tell he was in pain and he just continued to cry.  It seems like after this he seemed to wake up from his newborn phase. We've had some more crying fits and times when it has taken a while to calm him down, but he has still been a very good baby.  He is still not sleeping through the night, but is pretty consistent when he wakes up.  He eats around 1 and 4-5 every morning.  Believe it or not, but I have even gotten pretty used to this schedule and it hasn't been that bad.
Here is where he fits in:
weight: 14 lbs, 5 oz.  (91st percentile)
height: 23.75 inches (73rd percentile)
head circumference: 41 cm (70th percentile)
As you can see, Cooper is very healthy and growing quickly!!  Our doctor said he is the size of an average 4 month old!!  He has doubled his birth rate in 2 months!  We have moved him into size 2 diapers and probably are going to start size 3 once we have used up all of what we have!  (Caroline just moved up to size 4 in February!)  None of his newborn clothes fit and we are mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes.  He is quite a smiler and it is so fun to be able to make him laugh.  All day Caroline and I lay him on the couch and then tickle his cheeks to make him smile.  It is one of her favorite things to do!  I just love the way she plays with him!  We absolutely love having Cooper around and have transitioned to life with 2 kids quite well!!

And because I never got time for a 1 month post...
At 3 weeks:

weight: 8 lbs. 15 oz (45th percentile)
height: 21 inches (49th percentile)
head circumference: 37 cm (38th percentile)

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