Cooper took his first vacation at 7 1/2 weeks!!  We were a little nervous about flying before he had his first shots, but our doctor assured us that he would be fine.  She told us to be smart and careful about germs, but
because we were just around family, he would be alright.  We met my family in Florida to celebrate Andy's graduation from college!  This was the first time Cooper met Uncle Andy, Uncle Paul, Aunt Missy, Emma and Ellie!  Everyone was so excited to meet him and couldn't wait to get their hands on him! 

Things were a little hectic at the airport and I might have mentioned to Josh that we were not having any more kids!!  :)  The security line kept piling up behind us and we just had SO much stuff.  One guard was telling me the stroller had to go through a special area while another one was insisiting it had to go on the belt.  Needless to say both Josh and I were a little flustered while holding two crying kids, but we did manage to get on the plane.  The children did really well and we made it to Florida!
Cooper met his cousin Ellie who is 4 1/2 months older {and only 1 pound heavier} than him!  They hung out on the floor together quite a bit.
This is how I caught Dad and Cooper on Mother's Day.  However I can't complain, the kids got me a beautiful "Mom" charm for my charm bracelet with both of their names on it.
Cooper didn't get in the ocean but definitely was out on the beach!  He was taken great care of by everyone.

We did introduce both Cooper and Ellie to the pool.  Cooper loved it and was just so relaxed!  He loves being in the water for bath time and this was no different.

 My little swimmer!
All of these kids are sure to keep everyone busy!

Because Josh had to leave early to go back to work, we flew with my parents into Houston.  This way there was another lap for the kids to sit on and we didn't have to buy a ticket.  We could have bought a plane ticket for Caroline up to Dallas, but she does not like to sit still!!  So we got off in Houston and Josh met us.  Then we drove home from there.  The car ride actually wasn't even that bad!

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