5 months!

So 5 months and a week or so, but none-the-less we have made it!  5 MONTHS OLD!!  Cooper is still just such a bundle of joy!  He loves to be held, loves to smile and squeal and is so much fun!  So far he has only rolled over 3 times total and seems to have no desire to move more.  He is just fine laying still and rolling up on his side.  However he's one strong guy and definitely has a firm grip.  Don't let your skin or hair get in his way!!  We started giving Cooper baby food right after his 4 month check up and he immediately fell in love!  So far he has tried sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, bananas, peaches and apples.  He is just growing so quickly!!  We'll have his next official doctor's appointment next month, but for now we are guessing he is weighing somewhere around 19 pounds.
Each month gets more and more fun with both Cooper and Caroline!  I just can not wait to see what the future holds and how these 2 little personalities develop more!  We are so blessed!

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