Dedicated to the Lord!

We had Cooper dedicated at our  church on August 14, 2011!  This was such a special time and one that Josh and I truly believe is so important for our kids.  Instead of baptising them, we believe that the child should be able to make the choice and the dedication is really more for the parents.  Josh and I have both made a pledge to God before our church that we desire to raise Cooper in a Christian home and do everything we can to teach him about Jesus.  He was dedicated with about 8 other children during the service and each one was prayed for individually by our pastor. 

SO many people came to watch and support Cooper!  People came in from Colorado, Newton, Baton Rouge, Mansfield, Southlake, Fort Worth and Dallas all to see Coop!   It was so wonderful to see everyone's faces in the pews celebrating this little boy!  We had a brunch afterwards and were able to share in this event with everyone at our house.

 Aunt Marcia was able to come in for the day and got to meet Cooper for the first time!

Of course Cooper had about had it by the time we actually got to get a picture of the 3 of us! He was such a great little boy and made it from 8am-2pm with no nap and held by all!  What a great sport! 

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