Last weekend on July 31st, Cooper had his first tastes of FOOD!!  Up until now he has only had milk.  Our doctor is pretty laid back and told us at his 4 month appointment that he was now ready to try anything that isn't chunky and doesn't involve honey.  I was a little skeptical of feeding Caroline so early, but we just knew Cooper was ready!  We gave him some sweet potato baby food and he did really well.  He took several bites and some actually made it in!  After about the 3rd night, he really looks like he is enjoying it!  I have to admit that it is a little sad to think that my baby boy is growing up so quickly!  While we got the highchair down from the the attic, we packed up the swing and the bouncy seats.  He was getting too big for the swing and never really cared for the bouncy chair.  It is sad to think that we are already done with them!

 Our family of 4 sitting at the table!!

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