Here he comes!

Cooper didn't come before his due date so we headed to the hospital the night of March 14th and started the induction process.

40 weeks pregnant on my due date.  A tad bigger than before!  :)
Everything went perfectly this time and was pretty similar to before.  However, things took just a little longer.  We were so spoiled that Caroline came so quickly and was born by 8am, that when morning came and the doctor said I was only dialated to 2.5cm, Josh and I were a little discouraged.  But our little man just wanted to come on his own time!  The nurse started pitocin around 9:30 am and then my water was broken at 11:15 am. The contractions started to get pretty uncomfortable by this point and I really wanted to get the epidural!  However the hospital had other plans.  There was already a c-section scheduled for that morning so the anesthesiologist was going to be tied up for at least an hour.  Okay I thought, I can handle this for just a little bit longer, but I definitely want to get it soon!!  Well, then another lady was having a bad labor and they decided to do an emergency c-section.  This meant I couldn't get the epideral for at least 2 more hours!!  WHAT??  I just did not want to go so far and not get it and was tired from not sleeping the night before that I just started crying.  All of the emotion just overtook me and I couldn't handle it.  I just kept imagining what the pain would be like.  So my nurse was fabulous and kept going to check on the doctor.  They ended up calling another anesthesiologist that just happened to be stopping by the hospital and he came and gave me the epideral.  Praise God!!  After that, everything was smooth sailing and with about 20 minutes of pushing, Cooper arrived! 

After Caroline was born, she had fluid in her lungs and they took her out of the room immediately.  No one expected her to be born so early in the day so it was about 2 hours until anyone arrived at the hospital.  This was such a different experience!  We had alerted everyone when we started pushing, so everyone was ready!  Once Cooper came out, they let us take pictures and keep him in the room for almost 2 hours.  Everyone was able to come in the Labor & Delivery room and meet little Coop.  I hadn't even had a chance to get out of the bed or clean up before all of our visitors filled the room.  Grami was able to get Caroline ready and she came running in the room EXCITED!  She was smiling, laughing and all around giddy for her brother.  We had talked about Cooper SO much and now she was finally meeting him!   

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