A Necessity!

One of the first items that I just had to rush out and buy after Cooper was born was a pee pee cover!  The first several days that we had him home were quite funny and just have to be documented!!  Josh seemed to not be able to escape children peeing and was probably more than ready to head back to work.  The first incident happened when we were giving Cooper his first bath.  Of course we weren't quite prepared and it took a little while.  During that time a very tall stream shot out!  Later that same day Cooper's diaper leaked and covered Josh!  Now the funniest of all of the situations actually involved Caroline.  She has quite the fascination with people going to the bathroom and she barged in while Josh was going in our downstairs restroom. She stuck her hand out mid stream and soaked him!!  Needless to say, we did laundry many times per day!!  Just as he had had it with children peeing, he took Caroline's diaper off to give her a bath and quickly set her down on the bathroom floor to get her towel.  She squated and went on the floor!  She had never done this and I have to say that it was pretty hilarious!  Josh definitely gets the best dad of the year award!!

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