What would we do with out Grami??

My mom was gracious enough to come and stay for 3 weeks!!  She got here one week before Cooper arrived and allowed us to go out for my birthday.  We spent that week shopping and getting ready for the arrival of our little guy.  We might have also tried all things to induce labor, however nothing seemed to work.  The main thing she helped with was keeping Caroline occupied!  She took great care of her while we were at the hospital and then afterwards while I was tending to Cooper.  Caroline found a new love of emptying out all of her clothes from her dresser and scattering the clothes around the house.  Definitely not an easy task to keep up with!
And of course while she was here she got in great snuggle time with Coopster!

We couldn't have done it with out you Grami!!  I miss the early mornings the most when you would get up with Caroline and I could keep sleeping!!  :)  WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!

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