Simply Magical

My absolute all time favorite moment with Caroline was in the middle of the night after she was born.  While Josh was sleeping, it was just her and me in a dark hospital bed staring at each other.  This little thing depended soley on me and she was all mine!  I remember the joy that came over me and just wanting to shout to everyone how excited and honored I was to have this little baby in my life.  I compare everything to that moment and it has made me sad to see her grow from that moment.  After Cooper was born, everything was different and so much more relaxed.  Everyone wanted to hold him so badly that I felt like I hardly saw him the first couple of hours of his life. However, this same moment was so magical once again and again I found myself in absolute awe at this little life in my arms.  I don't think I slept at all that night and just stared at my little boy for hours on end.  He slept so well and was so peaceful curled up on my chest.  I was once again overwhelmed with a feeling of joy!  I'm so excited for the life he has been given and can not wait to see what he will become!  Cooper, you are one special little guy! 

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