Making our Escape!

 Cooper was born on Tuesday, March 15th and after not sleeping the two nights before, we decided that we wanted to leave early and go home on the 16th. It was so hard to sleep when nurses and hospital people kept coming in the room every couple of hours to draw blood, give medicine, take blood pressure, etc.  We were a little frustrated by the end, but once we got home we might have wished we had stayed another night.  :)  They had taken Cooper early the morning of the 16th to do routine tests and ended up keeping him in the nursery for 5 hours.  Once the pediatrician arrived, they kept him for observation for an extra hour. We kept waiting and waiting and finally that afternoon they brought him back.  Well he had not eaten all day and was worn out from the circumcision that he slept most of the time.  We arrived home around 4:30 that afternoon and it wasn't until around 7 that he "woke" up.  He must have been hungry because he cluster fed every 30 minutes from 7:30 until midnight.  5 WHOLE HOURS!!  I was pretty worn out to say the least and Josh and I needed sleep!  All in all it was great to stay in our own bed and just be home.  We hadn't quite remembered how it would be with a newborn!  After that night, Cooper figured out his nights and days and definitely has gotten into a good schedule!  He's such a calm and relaxed boy and is now sleeping well!  (As well as you can expect for a 4 week old!)
Caroline was waiting so patiently at home and was SO excited when we walked through the door!  She just kept pointing and saying baby and waiting to be right next to him.  It really makes me smile to think about these two together!  Some of the newness has worn off, but he is still the first thing she asks for in the morning!

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